12 January 2010

My moods

I seem to be at a very strange point now where I feel very different energy levels, moods etc from day to day, and sometimes from hour to hour.

Finding it hard, as I am pretty calm, but also pretty anxious. For absolutely no reason. Feels like I am on the brink of panic a few times, but not panic attack type thing. More like adrenaline rush type thing. Smoked 20 ciggies and had 3 cups of coffee, and no food between 6 and 11 this morning. Not good, I know.

Also as soon as I get going I do the babbling thing, so I rather keep quiet and don't say anything.

Also couldn't fall asleep last night. So went from down in the dumps yesterday, to something different today.

Tons of worry, which I try to ignore.

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