29 January 2010

Friendships, Soul Mates, Soul connections

You know that email that does the rounds? Friends for a reason, friends for a season.
I think this definitely applies to all of us.

Occasionally you will meet someone that has a permanent place and impact on your life, but usually friendships are changeable, they flow in and out of your life, for a reason or for a season.

I guess everyone sees friendship differently. All I can do here is discuss my feelings around them.

Initially starting out this life, I did not make friends easily, and when I did they where intense burning relationship, like only girls can have as children. Days and months spent sharing our most intimate and intense life expectations, Fantasizing about what life will be, Playing house, dreaming big, having fun, and sharing our pain.
Especially in the teen years there was so much pain, angst and drama. And there was soppy letters written to your Best Friend In the Whole World. Your Soul Sister, your Soul Mate, who you could never live without. She was the only one who understood you, the only one who knew you. I still have some of those letters and read them recently. I was amazed to rediscover that innocence and naivete, and that ability to so fully commit to someone else on a very high emotional level.

Then we move on. You leave school, your friend gets a boyfriend and all of a sudden has no more time for you. You maybe even learn to not live life so dramatically, so no more soppy letters of undying commitment. Life starts to knock you around a bit more seriously, so you quickly get a grimy cover of cynicism over that squeaky clear veneer of innocence.

In short we grow up, and we grow out of our childhood friendships.

Occasionally you might be lucky enough to have made a real enduring soul connection with someone from your childhood. Something that has grown with you, and was nurtured by both of you, and that is truly lasting as it transcends the normal bounds of, this life connections, because it is a soul connection that spans many lives.

For me this never really happened. I had comrades. a Hand full of people ( possibly same soul family, or just souls I attracted through many lives) We had common experiences in childhood, but our lives differed greatly through early adulthood. We'd moved apart, and then moved closer again at later stages ( I guess this even happens with Soul Mates)

My comrades are usually those, I have a very specific, and stable friendship with. There is communication from both sides. Sometimes irregularly, but as we move through our lives, we might reconnect when we are going through similar Issues, and then disconnect a bit more. We never completely loose each other though, and there is no need for dramatics. Comrades are always available to give you a kick in the pants, or to tell you, they don't know how to help you, but they can offer you some fun distraction from life.

Comrades, for me, gives me a safety net to test ideas, and decisions against.

I don't always have to agree with a Comrade, but we would more often agree to disagree, than move apart.

Then in my life I've had some other intense friendships, which started flaming and Burning at high intensity, and then due to physical distance, or emotional distance, it burnt out quite quickly. I found some letters from friends like that as well. I feel slightly sad that I can't even remember most of them.

I know we had a very strong connection at that particular time, and part of me feels slightly guilty of having lost touch, although I've learned now, through mostly facebook ( which is very indiscriminate in it's connections) That when you've lost touch it was possibly because you are not even close to the same path in this life.

Your relationship was most probably one of those, reason ones. Where you had to connect through a specific time, finish a pre-life or past life agreement, be it Karmic or other, and then move on.

You find the proof in this, when you do try and rekindle the flame of your intense friendship, and can't believe how much either or both of you have changed, and how impossible it is to even remember the intensity of your connection as there is now Nothing left over. That just means that whatever reason for your friendship has been completed.

Then you have those intensely spiritual connections. These friends can be shadows in your life, and you don't quite know why you are attracted to each other. You might go through periods of contact and connection and periods of nothing at all.
They stay in the back of your mind though. No matter what you do you are connected to them. It transcends time and space. It transcends this life and others. You're part of the same soul energy, you're connected beyond any physical bonds. They hover in your dreams and thoughts.

You might be having a normal conversation on the phone, and then they reveal something, which they'd been scared to share, but which IMMEDIATELY makes sense to you, and contributes to your life, more than they could ever realise.

No matter what and how, you will always find each other.

I guess I am writing this because I've had so many different people in my life for different reasons and in different relationships, but the love I truly feel in my heart is there for every single one of them.

So seeing as you are all bullying me into sharing my blog link with you I thought I'd dedicate this post to all my friends, I have ever had, for a reason or a season for a lifetime or for many lifetimes.

I often do the empath thing, so if we've ever spoken more than 2 words, I have most probably felt you in a deeper way, acknowledged you on a soul level, and you will always have meaning in my life, and a place in my heart and mind.

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