18 January 2010

Going up

I'm on the way up, but in a good way. It just feels mildly positive, and able to deal with things in a good way. I'm paying a lot of attention to my spirituality. And trying to figure out things in a deeper way than before.

I know this is part of the finding myself, and maybe much more important than just figuring out if I am Psycho.

How much of my moods are spiritual, and how much are physical? That's a question I don't even want to contemplate right now, as there's so much information to go through and assimilate as it is.

I know I will have to take some time and consciously work on my Empath thing.

It's not a good way to just block your empathy with another human, but neither is it a good thing, to experience someone's pain as if it is your own all the time.

I will not consciously seek people who need help, but I will try to share whatever comfort and knowledge I have with those who come to me for help in this.

One thing I learned which is very important is that healing, self and others comes from love. Love for others can never be more than love for self. So unless I love myself to the highest degree, I can not love another to the same degree.

We usually see in others that which annoys us of ourselves, so whenever I feel anger or irritation towards someone else, it might be that I am feeling anger and irritation towards myself.

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