22 January 2010

Helping others

This morning while barely awake, with mind racing quite uncontrolled in free association, as usual I had quite the epiphany.

Heal yourself, in order to heal the world, and teach yourself in order to teach the world.

I don't think this is a new thought, but it was very new to me at that moment.

I think many times we get very much caught up in trying to "save the world" "change our partners" "wishing the world would change" But we forget that we are part of the world. Every single person on this earth is a contributing factor in the make up of our environment, politics, consciousness.

There's no separateness. We are all functioning together as an organism with a multitude of consciousness.

So in order to heal the "world" it makes sense to heal ourselves. Be it from emotional difficulties, or physical challenges. When everyone pays attention to their own healing, spiritually, emotionally, physically, then the world will heal with us.

And the same with teaching.

Also in helping others or gaining help from others we tend to forget that help comes from ourselves first.

I've always known you can not help someone that does not want to help themselves. Therefore you can not receive help unless you are ready to help yourself.

This is harder than it sounds and may take a lifetime, or a few lifetimes to achieve. Being able to accept help in one way or another is a huge challenge for many people, but when you profess to "ask" for help you need to also be in a position to be willing to do whatever it takes to help yourself. Unfortunately be it financial help, help to loose weight, help to overcome Bipolar, or depression, or marital/relationship issues, no one can do the hard work for you.

You may ask for help, when you really only want sympathy. There will always be people sympathetic, and it will make you feel better for a few moments, but until you make a commitment to yourself, there will never be true lasting release, from whatever issues you are facing.

Martyrdom is attractive to many people. It means you can get a sympathy fix without having to actually do anything about your problem. Feeling sorry for ourselves only brings weakness, and in many cases makes the problem worse. Yes it's human to occasionally feel completely drained and beaten by life's circumstances.

To allow ourselves to Not be too hard on ourselves is a good thing, but by never taking control we give up on many life lessons. Not making a Choice is actually a choice in itself, and just creates more issues we will need to work out.

It is possible to make decision, experience the difficulty of life, and work through our issues, while still feeling crap about the circumstances we are in, but the whole process of doing something about it will make us feel more empowered, no matter if we are successfull or not. It's a question of keep on keeping on. Then one day turning around, looking back and seeing how far you have come.

Healing, teaching and helping go together for me on this.

So not only can one not waste energy on wishing the world, or our partners to change, or waste energy in trying to help another person who is not ready to help themselves, One has to consciously make an effort to find one's own healing, teaching and help.

Not only will this lead to a more happy and fulfilled life, it will also lead to a "world" wide movement to happiness and fulfilment.

We can not change any other being. We can only change ourselves and control our reactions.

There is so much information on self improvement and finding Happiness, which is within yourself, that there should be no excuse for any of us not to find our own happiness.

Break out of your comfort zone, or create a new one which includes, finding the right path for you.

I spoke a bit about the right path for me yesterday in The Michael teachings, but I know that this is not the right path for all. So find what works for you and pay attention to yourself, because it's not going to come from anyone else.

If you make a choice to get healing, get help, and teach yourself, then immerse yourself in that and find your own Joy.

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