05 January 2010

A worse night led to a better day

Last night, despite the best intentions to go to bed early, I ended up falling asleep at 1:30am. This due to a few unforeseen things.

My brother and his wife came for an unexpected visit. After which an unknown neighbour decided to let loose with his left over fireworks, causing 2 security patrol units and 2 police units to comb the area for him/her.

Also my 3 year old had a nightmare night. Probably due to her being in panties all day and refusing to go to the bathroom. But that's a story for another day. I'm failing miserably at Potty Training.

So even though my eyes where still glued shut when I semi-awoke this morning I made it to work intact. My daughter spent some time in the morning at the Office with me, as her dad had an interview. I really really hope he gets this job. Seems all went well.

So I'm here, Coping, feeling positive. Looking forward to a good year

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