21 January 2010

Meeting Lanee

In June 1997 I went to New Jersey in the USA as an Au Pair.

I stayed for 13 months, and had a fantastic time. First half was spent with various self destructive behaviours in the name of "enjoying myself"

I was constantly half frustrated and wholly annoyed, by very many things American.

From the lack of international awareness, and interest. To the over policed nature of everything.

Being a bit older now I would probably have allowed it less effect on me, but back then I was out to discover the world, as long as it was familiar and didn't annoy me.

During my last half there, in 1998 I met someone who turned out to not only change my life, but who is still changing my life every day.

Lanee McLaughlin.

I met George in a bar on the NJ seashore. We often went there, and I had seen him a couple of times, but wrote him of as a "dirty old man" how dare he try to converse with us young funky chicks. We where on the hunt for man flesh and old didn't appeal to us.

One Sunday while the place was very quiet, he challenged us young funky things to a few games of pool, and as he was paying we agreed.

During the game of pool, a conversation started. My friend Daleen and I where discussing the merits or not of Astrology, etc.

I had been interested in alternate spirituality for a while, but felt extremely lost, and my theme song was definitely " I still haven't found what I'm looking for"

George then told us he knows a Psychic lady and he will take us to her any time.

Obviously our first thoughts where yeah right, dirty old man, but as luck would have it we made an appointment, I think we were just too curious to not take a chance.

It was about an hour's drive and a lot of time was spent on giggling and being very sceptical. I had asked George how much this "psychic" person charged and he said, nothing. She would appreciate a donation if we wanted to but she doesn't charge. He also added, the word psychic is not really applicable, as it's something different.

Of course my curiosity was absolutely activated and as I had been searching so long, and so unsuccessfully for so long, I was quite excited about this visit.

When we got there we walked up the stairs of a small 2 duplex unit, and entered the house.

There we met Lanee, who looked to be in her late thirties. I would later find out how wrong I was about that. We where invited to sit with everyone else at a huge dining room table, and immediately Lanee looked at Daleen and said "I have a message for you, but you might not be ready to hear it" she turned to me and said " I have been waiting for you for two years.

Like a flood I remembered a recurring dream I'd had from about 2 years before. In my dream she was a medicine woman, a healer, a witch, a sorcerer, and every kind of symbolic description of what I was searching for.

It was overwhelming, this sense of having come home.

And this was the beginning of many sessions, where she channelled information from, in her words, Spirit. Most I have on tape. George gave me a few books to read. The Michael Handbook, and Messages from Michael.

It was a very important first step in my self realisation and a jump in my spiritual Journey.

Last night I started Listening to some of my old tapes. Got about 1/4 way into the first tape, and had to laugh at how little I took in right then. I have come a long way.

Since last week I have been immersing myself in the Michael Teachings again, and finding myself much more open now than I was 12 years ago.

to be continued....

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