29 March 2010

The Garden

I'm on this very strange winding road. It is a path through a garden. The garden is a mix of wild plants growing freely and flowers and trees lovingly sculpted into organised beauty.

My path is earth. It has steps from time to time, moulded into the earthen path. Every now and again they're spaced quite close together.I might think I'm going up one step, and it turns out I'm climbing 7, before leveling out again.

The Path is winding, I rarely see a turn before I get to it. It gradually moves upwards.

The path has a few dips here and there, a couple of streams to cross. In the beginning there where quite a few big mud pools, and a roaring river or two.

Just now someone would tell me something, and up I go three stairs at a time. turning left and right and left again, speeding along without even realising where it's taking me.

Then I go through a slow meander with no real incline, and no stairs, and I can look around me restfully and appreciate the beauty.

Nature is not all beauty though. It is also dark and scary at night. In a big scary Forrest it's hard to appreciate the simplicity of nature, when you hear scary sounds, and can't see where you're going. The sun rises again and you realise you where scared of your own heartbeat. There's nothing to harm you. I realise I have my own light, and can decide how brightly it needs to shine.

I think I have moved up high enough to start seeing glimpses of the whole garden from this height whenever there is a break in the trees.

The Garden feels larger than I can imagine. I love those twists and turns. It's never boring. I like the others on the path with me. They sometimes help me up a stair or two, or tell me it might be time for a rest.

I'm never alone. I feel the energy that never left or came.

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