10 September 2013

Update on Auditory issue

Okay, deep breath... Caitlin does have an auditory memory issue. It has been tested, and it is there. BUT as usual I saw something and my mind just ran with it and made myself go into anxiety mode. Something I have to deal with.

Yes, after talking to some level minded friends I have come to the realisation that maybe Harry Potter is just a little too advanced for her.

Yes, we read Alice in Wonderland last year, but I am more and more certain she probably didn't understand a thing, and just enjoyed the sound of my voice reading to her.

I'm still gonna try and figure out ways to help with the auditory memory. Her teacher would prefer we test it again, but FFS I don't have the money. She'll speak to the speech therapist for me though, so we can find a solution.

In the mean time I have to figure out something to do with this mind of mine, that goes into panic mode so quickly. Especially when it comes to Caitlin.

It seems most of what I post about her is done in a moment of panic, and then I feel better by the next day. Okay so if I didn't post in my panic periods I'd probably never post any blogs, but it is also a little embarresing.

I've always been an over thinker. I'm seeing the psychiatrist tomorrow about my anxiety issues specifically. I don't want him to give me more long term anxiety drugs than what I am already on. I just want something to use when I go into complete panic mode. Yesterday wasn't even close to what I am capable of when anxiety attack happens. And I'd rather take a tranquilizer than use alcohol.

I also need to discuss all my meds option with him. I'm on so much for so many diff things now I just need him to keep everything straight in case of drug interactions

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