07 June 2013

Oops, I (almost) did it again.

Oh Crap, here we go again. I think I posted a while ago about meeting a mom at school, and actually liking her and getting along real well, and then she started spouting bible stuff, and this really hippie religious stuff. Well I ended up being honest with her and telling her straight up that we're atheists, and strangely enough she has become one of my easiest mommy friends to talk to.

We spent the morning chatting about all kinds of stuff. She'd say something from a religious point of view and I'd tell her my Secular point of view, and neither gets pissed, and it's actually quite nice.

But this all took about a year to get to that stage, and we've had a lot of opportunity for one on one chat while waiting for kids during activities..

On the other hand another parent in my daughter's class complained to the teacher anonymously about my daughter saying bible stories are all lies, and since then I've picked up some cold shoulder vibes from some people, so have decided to just ignore it and be careful who I talk with.

That brings me to my actual post. Since we had a parent get together a couple of weeks ago I have made "kind of mommy friends" with a mom who actually lives down our street. Her son is also in my daughter's class.

We've been chatting at pick up time every day and she is incredibly sweet. Also not into make-up and dressing up ( slob like me)

Then today Smack Bam between the eyes, someone interrupts our conversation to ask her about a "healing seminar" and how this preacher touched her, and she fell on the floor and felt these electric vibes running through her body, and bla de bla de blablabla. So I am trying to stand there and Not have my mouth hanging open.

Somehow I miraculously manage to keep a straight face, and when this other lady leaves, she turns to me and says, sorry I don't even know how you feel about stuff like that, but it was so amazing this and amazing that. And I'm thinking Hmmmm.... Do I take this opportunity to tell her ( where we're surrounded by others and easily overheard) that I'm an atheist, Or do I just nod and smile?

So I nodded and smiled. I'm getting slightly braver about it, but it just didn't feel like the right moment. I have been warned that people in this school seem very wacky when it comes to their religion, so I am treading lightly. Not sure if that makes me cowardly, or clever.

I'd hate for my daughter to bare the brunt for our beliefs, or non beliefs.

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  1. Lol, just remember that everyone is entitled to their opinions and beliefs. You want to be respected for your beliefs, you must do likewise. Like you saying it wacky, some might say you are wacky for your thoughts....I might add thou, that my own child's church activities are seriously fucking with my drinking time on Friday nights ( youth) and then the critter still expects me to roll out of bed at 7.30 on Sundays to take her to church no matter how much I protest, scream,shout, cry or throw tantrums!!! I may have to start laying down the law in this place!! Xx love your fav Tipsy. Xx