06 November 2012

Having a hard time

Just a note to say I am having a very hard time at the moment. I'm clinically depressed, but have no more visits on the medical aid left for either the Psychiatrist to up meds, or the psychologist, to pep talk me out of it.

I'm trying my best to focus on some positive stuff, but anyone who has been here knows how impossible that is. I'm at a point where it is a struggle to do even the most basic everyday things like getting out of bed, washing, getting dressed. I'm forcing myself as much as possible to carry on as normal, because if I fall down I might not be able to get up again, and I do have a 6 year old to consider as well.

I'm trying to fake it as much as possible to try and limit the impact on her.
I hope to come back with a more upbeat post soon. For now, I'm just using all my energy for survival.

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