03 June 2010

Living Life with a Vengeance

Sometimes in the past I have complained about the unstable nature of life. How at one moment something is good, life is good. Everything seems easy and peaceful, and then the next moment all is chaos and desperation.

I've come to the realisation that that is part of the basic nature of our reality. As the day renews itself each 24 hours, as the seasons renew themselves each year. As we renew our lives in this reality ( if you believe in Karma) or if you don't, as we renew our lives by having offspring. This is it. it's circular instead of linear. We never move from point A to Point B. We move from Point A right through BC to X and then back to A.

So no wonder that each lesson learned will often have to be renewed, each challenged overcome would need to be revisited. Each relationship issue resolved could very well come up again. We do get better at handling these things. I think we do grow, but even our growth is perpetual, and not a linear thing.

So the challenge is to hold on to that which we find Valid and resonating, remind ourselves of the truths we know at one point and need to re-experience at another, and then Keep on keeping on. That's a trick isn't it. How tempting to give up, and then we just don't move forward at all, or do we? Isn't giving up it's own lesson.

Sorry if I sound obscure in any way, but these are gigantic ideas, that now confront me and allow me to for the first time attempt my big ideas, because every time I have given up in the past I've set my life up to bring me back to that which I gave up on. For me it's time to Just Do It!

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