23 June 2010

Finding a Place of "Just being"

As we explore ourselves, searching for our own truth. Delving into our own motivations and looking for answers, be it spiritual psychological or religious we can very much start to over think.

I'm a good candidate for that. Over thinking has always been a problem for me, so the only way for me to get past over thinking is to find a position of just being. Not to be passive in my own life, but to be open. To accept lessons and ideas as they come. To experience fully the moment, and to not just get stuck so much in my own head that life passes me by.

I found this Blog post quite resonant.

Being present is being spiritual. Being open and without prejudice will lead you to discovery of this life, yourself and the whole.

I too often find myself unwilling to listen to an opposing Point of view, but I know that each point of view is valid, and I can only grow my own understanding of life, through listening, experiencing, and being. This creates Freedom.

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