19 July 2013

Getting answers creates more questions

My daughter (turning 7 next week) has just this week had an educational/ psychometric evaluation done after the teacher asked us to have her assessed for ADHD. I chose the psychometric evaluation above just going to the psychiatrist and getting given meds, cause I wanted to make sure there are no emotional issues, as she has always been very emotionally sensitive, and anxiety issues run rampant in the family.

We're only getting the full report next week, but when discussing it with the doctor afterwards, a few things popped up. They tested 9 areas. In 4 of them she did above 8 year level, in 4 others above 7 year level, but in Auditory memory she did at 4 year level.

So we might have auditory processing disorder, or it could just be the concentration issues which are definitely there, or it can be both.

Her total combined IQ tested between 110 and 120, but her non verbal is at 120 to 130, and her verbal is at 100 to 110. So we are looking at a non specified learning disability because of the 20 point gap, and a visual spacial learner. which is gonna be crap for school.

So next week, which I am preemptively calling Hell week, We're seeing the OT on Monday afternoon, Going for a full fucking expensive Hearing test, including a APD test Tuesday. Wednesday is her Birthday, followed by a pead/GP/Psychiatrist Visit I have to still decide on.

The psychologist recommended I see a psychiatrist for a conclusive ADHD or Not diagnosis, because even though it looks like ADHD, we have a huge family history of Bipolar Disorder II. But I don't see that in her at all. I can see the ADHD. Especially now that we've been exposed to it and I can recognise certain behaviours.

So I really don't have the money to now see the most expensive of the 3. So I was gonna go to my pead who I haven't seen in 2 years, but he seems to have moved. Then there is my GP who we absolutely love and trust, and I'm considering just going to her and getting meds for a trial period.

I've been really torn about this meds thing as well. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no. I can't afford them, I don't like some of the crap I'm hearing about them, I just don't know. Granted most of the crap I hear is from someone who heard it from someone's who's friend told them.

So I think I am getting to the point where I want to try meds and see if they work. This has just seemed so daunting. But I'm starting to get over it and just putting one foot in front of the other

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