06 September 2010

Times of my life

Well it's been a while. How are You? I'm quite fine.

I've not been very fine for quite a while now, but it seems that I've just stepped into a different time of my life I guess.

The part where I spent so much focused energy on exploring my Psyche, my spirituality, my mind, seems to have past a little. So now I'm moving into an exploration of my actual physical day to day life.

There's a lot I am tired of, and it hit me a while back that only I have the choice to change this. Nothing is going to automatically fall into place.

Time to make some hard decisions do some hard work and climb out of my head a bit. Because even though it's not a bad thing to be inside there trying to clean out the clutter, it will help me so much more if I also clean out the outside clutter.

So I'll see how much I feel like sharing it on here, but things are a changing, hard questions are asked, and hard decisions need to be made, in the right and proper way. In a way that means they're done and I can move on, and not just swept under the carpet.

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